NORPOL makes performances that tackles global human and political issues in a poetic, playfull and personal manner.

Every NORPOL production calls upon different types of media, stage expressions and skills. This could be video, puppetry, documentary research or engaging people from different cultures.
Daniel Norback

Daniel Norback is the driving force behind NORPOL where he produces text, concepts and makes live performances.
Elements important for his work are improvisation, politics, art and music. He was part of the group Bidt, which became well known in the alternative theatre scene in København in the late 90s.
He also performs in the works of other artists. Especially Tue Biering and Jeppe Kristensen (Fix & Foxy Productions), Erik Pold and Adelaide Bentzon ( and Seimi Nørregaard.
Norback was born on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, but has been living for many years in Copenhagen. He studied at the Nordisk Teaterskole ( in Aarhus) and before that, visual arts (in Linköping) and theatre theori (at Stockholm University).